Hip Daddy

02 11

Want to Write a Love Note? Try Rifle Paper.

It’s Valentines week, which means love might be in the air.  And although many of you will tweet, instagram, Facebook, Snapshot, or Viber your feelings of love, how about putting down the technology for one second and try some good old fashioned penmanship…write a note.

Rifle Paper not only has a pretty kickass name, but a pretty cool story too.  Rifle Paper Co. is a stationery and gift brand based in Winter Park, Florida founded by husband and wife team, Anna and Nathan Bond.  The company launched in late 2009 “and what began as a small business based out of Anna and Nathan’s garage apartment has quickly grown into an international brand over the last four and a half years.”  From a garage to a global brand, nicely done.  This type of creativity and entrepreneurship is indeed Hip Daddy Approved.  And if you like Made in the USA, all of their paper products are printed in the USA and assembled by hand in their studio…#evenbetter.  Their roots are in stationary, so let’s talk about that.  This “Hello Darling” set is perfect for that special someone in your life, while this “Heart Bandit” piece might be fun for the kids too.  And yes, they have a plentiful Valentine’s Day Collection which means you will find what you need…whatever that may be.

Lots of cool things got started in garages.  Not just bands.  Rifle Paper is a Hip Daddy Must Know, and perfect for your V-Day needs.  Love notes in the written form are still golden #believeit.