Hip Daddy

02 12

Send Some Flowers. Bouqs Has You Covered.

Every Hip Daddy needs a florist in their life, in some way, shape or form.  Especially right about now given Valentine’s Day is basically here! A local flower shop is typically the ‘go to’ but sometimes you need an easy online offering that isn’t 1800Flowers…something a little more creative, ‘fancy’, a bit more ‘Hip Daddy-ish’ if you will.   Well, hello Venice CA…

The Bouqs Company is pretty awesome- “Bouquets.  Simplified.”  It’s that simple.  Bouqs is an on demand bouquet delivery company based in sunny SoCal, and is basically bringing farm fresh flowers to your doorstep in a very beautiful experience.  All their flowers are grown on eco-friendly farms along the coast…and who doesn’t love a company supporting American Farms?  Smart.  Moreso, we are really lovin’ their overall brand look/feel and messaging.  Clean, creative, and meaningful.  You should read this page, and you will surely want to try them out!

So share some #bouqlove and give the Bouqs Company a look.  And again, every Hip Daddy needs some sort of flower solution in their life and these guys have def got you covered!