Hip Daddy

05 19

Monday is ‘Get Your Sh*t Together’ Day. Smythson Helps.

Monday is a day where you plan, organize, and get your week off and running.  It takes focus and clarity…to ‘get your sh*t together.’  Whether Hip Daddy is running his own start-up or working in a large corporation or simply just being a Dad, Smythson has something you likely need in your life…right about now.  We love this British brand of Bond Street, which is a manufacturer of luxury stationary, leather goods, diaries and fashion products.  Smythson opened his first shop on 29 September 1887 at 133, New Bond Street, London…nice heritage story here and obviously this brand is doing something right all these years.  

From notebooks to stationary to travel accessories, every Hip Daddy needs at least one item from this beauty.   The King of Dads Wafer notebook is a great place to start (for obvious reasons), while the leather Panama Luggage Label is perfect for the traveling Hip Daddy-  every bag needs a cool luggage tag…plain and simple.  And yes, their classic stationary is still ‘hip’ – it’s okay to still send handwritten thank you notes!

Yes, we know, the Brits are sometimes awesome.  From Burberry to Barbour to Hip Daddy Prince William to now Smythson, Britain is “doin’ it and doin’ it well.”   Either order online or attempt to visit their only store in the US in NYC Midtown, it’s beautiful.

Monday is here.  Something is bound to hit the fan.  Get some Smythson in your life to help make your world go round.  Hip Daddy Approved.