Hip Daddy

02 10

Mast Brothers Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Approved.

Happy Tuesday.  As you all know, sometimes our posts can be long, and sometimes they are short and sweet.  But for the sake of today’s topic, we are going to keep it short and SWEET.

Valentine’s Day approaches.  Exciting, nerve-wrecking, depressing, loving…lots of mixed emotions on this day.  But V-Day means likely two things…flowers (i.e. over-priced red roses for one day) and ofcourse chocolate.  Tons of choices out there, but if you haven’t heard of the Mast Brothers yet, now you have.

Michael and Rick Mast started making chocolate in Brooklyn back in 2006 and have since built an amazing business all centered around one of the most popular foods in the world, chocolate.  We love the name, we love their design, their packaging, and yes, the product itself is simply delicious.

So keep it simple this V-Day, find some Mast Chocolate, and everyone will be happy and feel the love.  Oh, and by the way, chocolate is good for you.  Hip Daddy Hooray!