Hip Daddy

07 24

Handybook.com: A Better & Cleaner Hip Daddy Household.

The home is a special place for every family and every Hip Daddy.  It’s where you start and end the day; it’s where you bond with the little ones; it’s where you get to relax and unwind.  It’s your sanctuary.  That said, ‘homes’  require work.  And sometimes, that ‘work’ requires time….something many of us don’t have as we scramble about our daily lives with careers and the kids.  And the last thing you need to be doing is waiting for that plumber or electrician to finally come when they said they would!  Well, folks, the wait is over.  Handybook.com, a housecleaning start-up,  is now on the scene…and it’s going to change the way you look at home maintenance.

Handybook combines a comprehensive selection of services from trusted professionals with the ease of online booking and payment.  It makes scheduling everything from home cleanings to painting to electric/plumbing services incredibly simple and efficient…and we know how important efficiency is.  As if you weren’t already excited enough, Handybook features a 100% money back guarantee…that’s right. What Hip Daddy doesn’t like a guarantee? And technology speaking, the Handybook’s IOS App makes appointment setting effortless and plain easy…wherever you might be.

Given they just raised another $30M in funding, the founders behind Handybook might just be doing something right and it seems to be working.  So check out Handybook for your household maintenance and installations. You’ll get more done with less hassle…and less hassle keeping up with the house…means you’ll spend more time keeping up with the kids.  That’s how the Hip Daddy Household rolls.