Hip Daddy

06 05

Help Your Child Get An Athletic Scholarship. Try CoachUp.

Hip Daddy loves a smart start-up with a clear vision and service that benefits all and is useful in practice.  And further, Hip Daddy likes sports and believes all children should partake in sport at some level…it’s just a good thing, all around.

CoachUp is a Boston born company that connects athletes with private coaches.  Wow, what a brilliant ‘marketplace’ platform!  Why did it take so long to figure this genius idea out?  Well, CoachUp did and believe that private coaching is the secret to reaching the next level in sports…and in life.  And given they raised a cool $6.7 million this past Fall, they know what they are doing and people are believing.  From all your typical team sports to even yoga and dance, CoachUp is here to help all your Hip Daddy kids take their talent to the next level.  Yes, there is a small service fee to get involved (every start-up needs to monetize!) but it is likely worth the cost.

When your child dominates his Little League baseball games and goes 5-5 pretty much every at bat on a given Saturday morning (perhaps a personal experience…#justsayin), you start thinking about the future.  And what better future than a college athletic scholarship! In all seriousness, CoachUp harnesses this thought and helps try to bring it to life…all while believing in work ethic and being a solid role model and contributing athlete.

And lastly, for you Bostonians, they have the likes of former Red Sox Gabe Kaplar and Bruin’s Cam Neely on their Athlete Advisory Council…again, wicked smaart.   CoachUp is doing all the little things start-ups must do to succeed.  We applaud them and their efforts.

So get one inch closer to that National Letter of Intent, and check out CoachUp..right about now.