Hip Daddy

07 17

Get Your Cowboy On: King’s Ropes & Saddlery.

We came across this awesome brand in Wyoming…and need to tell you about it.  King’s is a classic Western tack store that sits right on Main Street in downtown Sheridan, the quintessential ‘small’ town in the Cowboy State.  Basically, if you are a cowboy in Wyoming, you shop at King’s.  And what Hip Daddy doesn’t like a little cowboy lifestyle! The King family started it with the mission of devoting their lives “to better the Western way of life.”  Don King, the original founder, began his saddle making career in 1946 and shortly thereafter opened the first King’s Saddlery.  His son, John, began tooling leather when he was 12 years old and was the Saddlemaker at King’s learning his craft under the guidance of his father.  Bob King headed up the Rope Shop, and was responsible for ordering the coils of nylon, grass or polypropylene rope and the nylon thread which is twisted into rope, he also oversaw the making and treating of the rope (with a rope inventory of over 30,000 and a reputation for quality, King’s Ropes are shipped worldwide.)  What a great heritage story here, you want to be a part of it in some way!

King’s sells ropes, hats, and all sorts of western tack products necessary to a Wyoming horse life.  It is THE place to shop.  The retail environment is simply amazing, you feel ‘macho’ and rather inspired upon entering the old wooden doors.  It inspires you to want to buy a rope and enter the local nearby Buffalo open rodeo, to herd cattle, to want to put on a cowboy hat and boots and ride a horse named ‘Geronimo.’  It draws you in. The logo and overall brand design is perfect, and mos def speaks Western lifestyle and kind of makes the brand feel more ‘open’ to all.  And given every Hip Daddy appreciates a cool Tee or hat, King’s has just what the doctor ordered.  The Tees and hats are classic and come in a variety of colors, and they have a Kids Collection that will leave any Hip Daddy child yearning to become a cowboy or cowgirl!

Hip Daddy likes discovery.  This store and brand is one of those things you want to be the first to know about, and wear.  It’s that cool.  So take the kids out to Sheridan, Wyoming for a little summer vaca or simply visit King’s online…you might just find yourself addicted to the western way of life.   Hip Daddy Approved.