Hip Daddy

09 04

Tracksmith: A New Running Brand You Should Know.

As you know, Hip Daddy likes to discover new things.  From the latest in style, tech, health, travel, toys, etc., we are always looking to inform all Hip Daddys worldwide on new things they should know about.  And given sport  and style are a key interest (especially Running), it’s time we talk about a cool little start-up out of Wellesley, MA that is starting to make some quiet noise…

Tracksmith is a recently launched running apparel line whose mission is to “re-connect running to its past, while anticipating what the sport could be in its future.”  Interesting vision with some possible depth to it.  Although we have yet to try the product out, at first glance, it looks pretty awesome.  Yes, having the guy who Co-Founded a Hip Daddy Approved brand like Rapha (cycling lifestyle), makes it even more interesting for us.  It feels very Americana but at the same time, worldly and sophisticated, and very authentic to the running space.  It’s almost as if they were to create a modern day “Chariots the Fire” movie, Tracksmith would be what they all wear…likely much to the dismay of our friends in Beaverton.

Meanwhile, their New England roots makes us think of all the Amherst and Williams College track athletes, as well as those Hip Daddys running the Charles River every morning, who might just love this product.  Speaking of New England brands, if Sperry made a running apparel line, it would be Tracksmith.  These types of associations make us very intrigued by this Wellesley-based company, who, by the way, recently raised a smooth $1.5million in funding…and sold out (quite quickly) their first product run.  Demand? Sounds like it.  The branding and overall imagery tied to the brand is also enticing.  We will keep an eye on these guys, the running space is crowded beyond belief, but so far so good.

And yes, have no fear, it likely looks real good on…while pushing that jogger stroller.   So there you have it, Tracksmith is a Hip Daddy Must Know.  Now you know.