Hip Daddy

04 07

Ministry of Supply: High Tech Men’s Fashion

An apparel company that runs itself like a technology company? Pretty cool idea.  Ministry of Supply is a Boston born company that is “Performance Professional Apparel for the Modern Man”- Hip Daddy likes the sound of that. They were created around the idea that the ‘typical’ design process in the fashion world is broken and therefore needs to be disrupted…so disruption (in a good way) is what they are doing on a daily basis.

From phase change materials to Javafresh to Everfuse to stretch fabrics, the technology used at Ministry of Supply is ridiculously cool.   And let’s not forget the product platform names- Apollo, Atmos, Aviator, Aeon, etc- feeling more like NASA than a GAP!  And most importantly, Ministry is all about the consumer and their needs- doing ‘use-cases’ and testing prototypes before mass production.  And they are fluid enough to be able to adapt and pivot quite quickly, making the entire operation built around responsiveness.  Any company obsessed with and built around the consumer is Hip Daddy Approved, no doubt.

So check them out, Fashion Meets Hi-Tech is something all Hip Daddys should explore now.  And yes, hopefully soon enough they will develop a Kid’s line as we all know that will be a huge success! No pressure Ministry…