Hip Daddy

04 23

A John Varvatos Spring Coat. Hip Daddy Approved.

Whether it be the previously featured Converse X JV Chucks or this new spring jacket, every Hip Daddy needs something from John Varvatos.  Varvatos has been doing wonders for years, designing for the Modern Man- a grown up hipster meets sophistication is sort of the deal here.  The spring line of jackets is wonderfully crafted and offers a nice range. We love the pictured jacket….this thing reeks of coolness and will add a little swagger to your step…a Hip Daddy “no doubt’.

Rock inspired, the stores are beautiful and full of amazing music decorative and memorabilia.  We were at his Bowery store (former CBGB) opening years ago where the likes of Joan Jett and Slash jammed out…Varvatos knows how to create ‘brand heat.’  And for you Bostonians, Varvatos recently opened a store in Copley Mall, so no excuses.

There is nothing ‘JV’ about JV. Varvatos is straight up Varsity level and all Hip Daddys need to check him out now.