Hip Daddy

04 18

Easter is Here. Try Fatty Sundays.

It’s Easter weekend and so many sweet options to choose from.   Jelly beans, chocolate eggs and bunnies seem to steal the show year after year, but how about mixing it up a bit? Fatty Sundays is a new company out of NYC  that is serving up something very delightful…gourmet chocolate covered pretzels. The naturally flavored pretzels are dipped by hand to ensure a blast of flavor and crunch with each bite, and with flavors like Toasted Coconut, Berry Granola, and Mocha ‘Spresso  these pretzels are unlike anything on the market.

We love the simplicity.  We love the colorfulness.  And we love the overall fun the brand exudes.  The kids will enjoy all aspects of Fatty Sundays…and yes, the name itself will promote some interesting dialogue in your Hip Daddy household for sure.  Also, not only for kids, the company does weddings and celebrations of all sorts.

A modern twist on an old classic, the Fatty Sunday Company is here.  So diss the jelly beans and order up some Fatty Sundays…after all, Easter is on a Sunday.