Hip Daddy

09 18

Today’s Start-Up Watch: Hubble.

Warby Parker.  Casper.  Harry’s.  You get it.  We get it.  Disruptors.  More democratic, attainable, approachable…and don’t forget about the whimsical branding and clean design.  These Direct to Consumers companies have created a groundswell of others, all trying to copy the same successful blueprint.  Next up…contact lenses.

Hubble, the more affordable daily contact lens, was founded in 2016 and is making waves more recently.  Having raised over $30M from top VCs, Hubble is turning heads, and more importantly, seems to be actually bringing in some revenue.  Hubble was started “so you don’t have to choose between your health and your wallet.  Our contacts are barely a dollar a day, so you can finally afford to wear fresh lenses as much as you like.”  Further, quality is in the mix too, as their lenses are designed to provide sharp vision and all-day comfort…”you’ll see everything without feeling anything.”  Good messaging, legit branding, the Hip Daddy team is liking this Hubble vibe.

Let’s see where this Hubble story goes, but for now, might be worth a look…in more ways than one.