Hip Daddy

03 13

Today’s Hip Daddy Approved Product: Warby Parker

www.warbyparker.com.  Warby Parker is taking the eyewear category by storm, and yes, every NYC Hipster is wearing them…see above picture.  But more importantly, they follow the Toms Shoe model, and for every pair of glasses they sell, they give one to someone in need.  You got to love that, and reason enough to buy a pair…and of course be one step closer to ‘cool.’  The designs are awesome, the names are even better, and the overall shopping experience is very personable and refreshing.  They believe in their product (allowing customers to try a few different pairs before they buy) and are affordable ($95ish.)   They finally came to Boston and have a small boutique on Newbury Street (second floor walkup so no strollers, Dads) and you need to check it out now…Hip Daddy approved.