Hip Daddy

08 25

Every Hip Daddy Vacation Requires Sunglasses & Denim. Ray-Ban Has You Covered.

Yes indeed, the Hip Daddy Team is baaack from an awesome vacation with the kids.  It was a hot and shiny one too.  The most important ingredient to the successful vacation?  Sunglasses (and of course a little ice cream.)   With the August sun shining so bright, you need to actually ‘see’ the kids running around the beach and jumping in the possible Great White lurking waters…and it helps if Hip Daddy is doing it in style.  Function and Fashion folks.  We love a Ray-Ban Wayfarer #plainandsimple.  And Ray-Ban has dreamed up yet another beauty which debuts very very soon…

According to our great friends in Milan, the iconic Wayfarer just got “a lot more rugged thanks to the New Wayfarer Denim.  Carefully crafted from 100% genuine denim, this new design is the result of two years of research, which have resulted in a high-tech layering process that gives each pair a completely authentic, unique look.”  Wait a second.  They put denim on a sunglass?  How cool is this.  Every Hip Daddy needs a nice pair of denim, but now we are talking about sunglasses!  Each pair is “then finished with original rivets and a hypoallergenic silicone nose pad to make them feel as good as they look”, and they will be available in a variety of colors.  This is a pretty clear one here…these Wayfarers are a Hip Daddy Must-Have.

Yet another special-edition line of glasses as part of the “Order of Never Hide”, the Ray-Ban Denim Wayfarer is coming soon.  And don’t be fooled, just because August is coming to a close and Summer might be ending, the sun is still very strong.  So protect your eyes…with style…and be on the look-out for some Ray-Ban Denim!