Hip Daddy

05 27

The Sun Is Here. Every HD Needs Ray-Ban Flat Metal.

Memorial Day was one of sun…for the most part.  Protecting the Hip Daddy eyes is integral to a healthy and stylish summer experience.  Yes, there are plenty of legit sunglass brands out there.  But…we here at Hip Daddy like iconic legends. And therefore we need to talk about Ray-Ban.   Did you know the company was inspired by  the 1920’s Air Force pilots who complained about headaches and altitude sickness because of the glare of the sun at high altitudes?  Now you know.  Nice storytelling.

The product line is amazing and will never leave you bored.  The classic Aviator is a can’t miss….hello ‘Top Gun.’  Maverick made these rims famous and the rest is history.  In fact, the company saw a 40% increase of sales after this movie debut…gotta like a smart product placement!  They simply ‘work’ for all body/face types, personalities, and everyone looking for a good look and some protection.

The Wayfarer.  Did you know Marilyn Monroe rocked these?  She did.  Well, now they introduced a really sweet version called the Wayfarer Flat Metal, which is of course a reinterpretation of the most recognizable style in the history of sunglasses, available in five matte colors and with gradient or mirror lenses.  It looks amazing, and something every Hip Daddy needs to be wearing beach or poolside….period.

Ray-Ban makes sunglasses.  This is what they do.  Simple and true to the mission, they continue to bring to market products that are not only stylish, but are protective and ‘function.’  So forget about all the different brands out there (and watch Top Gun), your easiest decision made is Ray-Ban.  Hip Daddy Approved.