Hip Daddy

09 24

Hill City is a Hip Daddy Must-Have? We Shall See.

Here’s what we know.  The athleisure category is not a passing trend, it’s legit.  And yes, Hip Daddy loves athleisure all day everyday (or wherever possible :))  We know Lululemon continues to do well and gaining the male customer.  And we know, for the Hip Mommies, athleisure brands are everywhere, including GAP Inc’s Athleta.  So what are you going to do if you are GAP?

Launch an Athleta for Men….name it Hill City (because it’s a cool name and we miss the Bay area hills too #justsayin)…and call it a day.  Done.  Hill City debuts in the coming weeks, and will be an online only site for men’s performance apparel for “workouts, work, and the weekend.”  We will be curious to see pricing and design.  Will it be your basic GAP-type design or will be there some fashion and performance-type aspects which dial up its premium factor?  Interesting move nonetheless.  Let’s keep an eye out.  If done right, this Hill City could just become a Hip Daddy Must-Have!