Hip Daddy

05 12

Blackbird Soap: A Men’s Grooming Product You Need.

Grooming for Today’s Modern Dad is essential.  It’s that simple.  And what’s more important than a great soap!  From the weekends on the playground to the changing of the not so nice diapers, every Hip Daddy needs a great soap to keep clean and smelling good.

We love Blackbird.  A great name and overall design look and feel.  Blackbird is primarily known for its unconventional and remarkable fragrance and grooming products, a niche lifestyle brand that is making great things straight outta the Northwest.  Their soap line is amazing…cold-processed soaps loaded with rich and moisturizing olive, palm kernel and coconut oils, and are scented with pure essential oils or fine fragrance oils…and of course all handmade at the Blackbird soap factory in Seattle, WA.  The Frosthammer Square Soap is legit and will not only look great in the Hip Daddy Household bathroom (every shower needs this beautifully designed gem), but will also leave you remarkably clean and feeling on top of your game.  This is a good thing.

Soap.  It’s important.  Go get some Blackbird, your body (and kids) will thank you.