Hip Daddy

11 04

Today’s Health Tip: Let’s Talk Maple Water.

Do you remember when Coconut water burst onto the scene and everyone and their Daddy was drinking it (…including Hip Daddy favorite Rihanna who was plastered all over billboards holding a Vita Coco bottle)?  Yes, we do too.  At the time, it was the new hydration ‘fix’, water that tasted like a coconut which made you healthy and all sorts of promising things.  And now, more recently, it seems that the lovely Maple tree is causing some healthy stir as well.

Maple water has been gaining steam over the past year as the new health and wellness drink for all, providing the maximum hydration possible.  Interesting.  When we think of Maple, we think of the thick, gooey syrup we pour on the kid’s waffles and pancakes every Sunday morning.  Rather, Maple water is a natural drink packed with electrolytes and potassium (and actually includes less sugar than the likes of Coconut water) with a subtle taste…it’s not bad.  It also contains 40+ nutrients and minerals which some claim to help ward off many illnesses from high blood pressure to thyroid disease.  But buyer beware, none of these ‘benefits’ are actually supported by scientific expert data, so level set your intentions and expectations when trying out a little Maple water.

In terms of those companies now producing and selling Maple water, we are liking a Massachusetts based brand called DRINKMaple, which ” With a shared philosophy that Mother Nature is the best chemist, we believe that a drink created by a tree is much better than one created in a chemistry lab. DRINKmaple has a simple mission: to tap pure nutritious maple sap straight from the trees and bottle it for all to enjoy year round.”  Sounds smart and clean.  Hip Daddy Approved.

Maple water is a good thing.  It can hydrate you…which every Hip Daddy needs in order to keep up with the kids!  So, forget all the other hype and bandwagon buzz, just try it yourself and see what it does for you.