Hip Daddy

04 22

The Weekend is Here. Know Loll Designs.

At some point in your life, you have pushed your child on a swing.  It’s sort of a rite of passage for being a Dad.  And there is something soothing to it too.  So ofcourse we like them.  And you need one.  But something different.  Something newer, something Hip Daddy Approved.

The Loll Designs Rope Swing is just what you need.  This company is magnificent, and you can tell the second you visit their website…clean design, creative user experience.  Even better, this company is based in Duluth, Minnesota…who knew?! We like it even more now.  With the plank seat made from milk jugs and durable ropes made from a ship rigging company in New Bedford, this beauty is made for any Hip Daddy backyard.  Loll is so so Hip Daddy Approved!

The weather outside is delightful.  Have a swing.