Hip Daddy

09 15

A Backpack For Them.

School’s in session.  Every Hip Daddy child needs a booyaa (ie. “awesome”) backpack…it’s like School 101.  Homework, legos, lunch, pens, shoes, toys, PokeMon cards, ipads, etc…storage is critical.  So we need functional in this equation too, not just looks.  Look no further than our Swedish favorite, Fjall Raven.  From an assortment of awesome colors to a name and address label on the inside, the bags are perfect for any and all Hip Daddy children.  Simply done right.

Dominate the classroom and bring some flash to the playground with this Kanken Mini.  And be prepared for any sort of adventurous weekend trek with this Kajka Jr pack.

Sweden in the house.  And one can never get enough of a great backpack, especially our kids.  Fjall Raven is most certainly Hip Daddy Approved.  (Oh, and yes, they make some pretty cool ones for Hip Daddy too…give them a look!)