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04 25

Hip Daddy Travel: 5 Things To Do In Miami

Every Hip Daddy needs some Miami in their life at some point, an dHip daddy Travel has you covered.  Here are our Top 5 Things to Do in Miami:

1.)  Eat Cuban.  It goes without saying, but the Cuban food can be absolutely delicious.   And we aren’t talking fancy, swanky Cuban, we are talking casual, cheap and reaaally gooood. From Havana 1957 on Lincoln Road to Versailles near Little Havana, the options are endless.   Be happy, eat some Cuban.

2.)  Sunbathe.  Duh.  And more duh.  Grab a spot on the beach or at your hotel pool and enjoy the sun.  Vitamn D is a good thing.  And yes, there will likely be some amazing Hip Daddy approved ‘scenery’ too (if you know what we are saying…)

3.)  Go to a Game.  From the Heat (check out our own Hip Daddy DJ Irie) to the Dolphins to the U, something about attending a sports game in Miami is really special.

4.)  Watch Dominoes.  It’s actually quite the sight.  A true gem and something you will remember forever.  The old Cuban men playing dominoes in Domino Park in Little Havana is a site to behold.

5.) Run the beach.  The long path along the beach is perfect for any Hip Daddy looking for some exercise.

In the words of Hip Daddy Will Smith, “I’m going to Miami…”