Hip Daddy

01 30

A Super Bowl Sunday Must: Exto Extension Cords.

Okay, the big game approaches.  The Super Bowl inspires lots of great celebrations, gatherings, community and all sorts of social interactions.  Food is important.  Drink is important.  But let’s be honest, it’s all about the TV and surround sound #plainandsimple.  The formula for the Hip Daddy TV is fairly simple…bigger is better.  And sound? Sonos, Bose, etc, all solid options to make the game (and can’t miss TV commercials) and its’ sounds boom throughout the Hip Daddy Household come Sunday at 6:30PM EST.  And some of you might really get extravagant and all sorts of things to hook up to the entertainment system.  And with that being said, you will likely need an extension cord of sorts.  And the world of cords has come a long way since the days of your simple white basic offering…that’s right, we got flash and fashion now in the world of extension cords, which every Hip Daddy can get behind…

Exto Extension Cords from the Conway Electric, “believes in making Quality Connections™ through well-designed products built by American workers in living-wage facilities.”  It’s all about the look, baby.  Conway thrives on great design and was founded to design and make better products, beginning with electrical products….”because most imported electrical products are poorly designed.” Pretty simple stuff.  Kudos to Conway for disrupting a stale category in need of innovation and beauty.  Their Exto cord is sweet, including a 1, 2 and 4-outlet collection, so they have one for every Hip Daddy need.   The colors they use are also intriguing, and will make a once very basic and ugly product now look like art in the home.  Well done Conway.

So be prepared.  The Super Bowl is coming.  Lots of entertaining needs.  Lots of electrical equipment going on.  Lot’s of power needed.  Start with an Exto, Hip Daddy Approved.  Enjoy the game.