Hip Daddy

09 01

The Official Hip Daddy Back To School Guide Is Here.

Well, it’s that time of year…back to school is here.  And for some of you even, it has already started (again, summer is like 6 weeks now…annoying.)  Anyhow, you know us here at Hip Daddy HQ, we got everything you need to know about BTS including our Official Guide.  So read on and get the kids r-e-a-d-y.

State Bags

Okay, we love Herschel but State might be our newest obsession.  The line of backpacks is straight up awesome, and the story behind the brand (including husband/wife founder combo) as well as the #GiveBackPack piece are both reasons to want to support this company.  We are loving their Kane Coney Island Backpack, tons of fun colors going on and the classic STATE red rivet brings some design flare to any classroom, cafeteria or recess yard.  Period.


Vans X MLB Sneakers

Vans does it again with yet another smart collaboration in the form of America’s Pastime.  The MLB Vans Collections features your favorite baseball team and let’s be honest…a pair of Kids Vans with a Cubs or Red Sox logo all over it is kinda sweeeeet.  And yes, they will likely be the talk of that first day back.   Baseball and school…perfect together.


Neon Stapler

Yep, every kid needs to keep organized as they head back into the classroom, and what better way to do so than having a stapler with you at all times.  Sure, we know it may be a little ‘old school’ given today’s classroom technology, but this Neon beauty from Bando is also like a piece of art.  It makes a statement in a simple way.  Nobody likes clutter, staplers help.


Comme Des Garcons Tee

Let your little princess shine with this Play Kids Striped T-shirt, it pops and brings boldness and confidence wherever it may roam.  It ‘feels’ happy and this type of style is indeed Hip Daddy inspired.  Adorable.


And Finally, yes, you need some Boo!

Lice.  It’s gross.  Cannot stand it.  Receiving that first email or note alerting the parents that a child has it in the classroom is oh so frustrating and might make you wanna Hip Daddy scream.  Even the name makes you cringe.  Anyhow, in more positive news, we are really liking the SoCozy brand, straight outta NYC.  And sure enough, they have an entire Lice away collection including this awesome Boo! Lice Scaring Spray, that yes, scares away lice…naturally.  No more crazy toxins needed in the scalps or weird routines like shower caps, etc.  Or so we hope.  Lice.  It’s super gross.  But a reality.  So deal, Hip Daddy.


There you have it.  A backpack, a shoe, a cute top, a stapler, and some Boo.  Curation is what we do.  Enjoy this busy time of year…embrace these days.  Because before you know it, Holiday break will be here.  Stay cool.