Hip Daddy

02 04

Germs Everywhere. Use Everyone Hand Soap.

February is here.  Which means the weather can get nasty, and the colds & coughs really start flowing, which means germs are in the air (especially in the schools…like every day, somebody is out sick.)  So you need to keep it clean.  And it starts with the hands…

“Wash your hands.”  How many times do you find yourself saying this in the Hip Daddy Household?  A lot.  We feel you.  The kids just need to do this #plainandsimple.  Everyone Hand Soap is our kinda soap.   It is “for clean and healthy hands”, cleansing and moisturizing naturally with botanical ingredients and pure essential oils.  EO Products is the company behind the brand (EO stands for essential oils btw) and we are really liking their style and story, not to mention it is Made In California which makes everything better 🙂

Clean hands equal happier, healthy lives.  It’s true.  Keep all those hands in your household clean, try some Everyone.