Hip Daddy

09 02

#BackToSchool is Here. Do You Know What Time It Is?

Yes, we know, Back-To-School is officially in full swing.  We just met the new teachers and checked out the new classrooms today…exciting stuff, folks.  It’s officially “Go Time” for all you Hip Daddys.  There are many important things we all need to help with a seamless transition period, but aside from a good ole fashioned calendar (or the iPhone works too) to sync all the schedules, a watch that tells time is an absolute must.  And yes, function is necessary, but every Hip Daddy likes a little fashion and eye-candy on the wrist as well!  Look no further than Rolex…

Some things are simply beautiful.  And typically, our friends at Rolex know all about beauty.  We’ve covered their Oyster Perpetual Milgauss watch before, but we are here to rave about it even more.  Why? A new color has been added to the Milgauss family…and it is looking even better than before! The Z-Blue Milgauss is a confident looking watch that, because of the color scheme, looks even more amazing under natural light.  And to refresh those new to this amazing wrist heaven, the Milgauss was originally introduced in 1956 to meet the demands of the scientific community (capable of withstanding magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss.)  It became known notably as the watch worn by scientists and innovators.  We like the sound of that.  Between the dial and the orange lighting bolt, this Z-Blue Milgauss is most def Hip Daddy Bold & Beautiful..and we aren’t talking about the soap opera.

Knowing the time is important, especially now that school drop-offs and pick-ups are in play (not to mention football, soccer practices, etc.)  Given every Hip Daddy should have a reliable watch, Rolex has you covered…in more ways than one.  And for those just not in the Rolex ballgame, try a more affordable option in the previously featured G-Shock or Shinola.   Welcome #BacktoSchool!