Hip Daddy

09 09

The Hip Daddy Pigskin Preview Is Here.

The NFL is back, finally. ¬†Can we get a Hip Hip Daddy Hooray please?! There is nothing better than watching your favorite team with the kids…or sometimes without the kids too ūüôā ¬†This year promises to be a good one…lot of teams with a sense of urgency (as their team is getting older) while some other young teams are looking to take it to the next level and mix it up a bit. ¬†And again, in keeping with the spirit of focus and streamlined thinking, we will keep this short and sweet. ¬†So here goes…


We aren’t buying the continued Patriots hype. ¬†And if we see another “Free Brady” shirt, we might just lose it. ¬†Mr. Brady…if you are not guilty, don’t throw out your phone…simple stuff here. ¬†Might want to have that talk with your kids, without the Ugg slippers please. ¬†Alas, they will be good but not good enough. ¬†The Steelers are legit…best RB and WR in football, great defense and of course Big Ben. ¬†The Chiefs have a nice young squad and could sneak up on many opponents. ¬†Broncos lose Manning but still have Von Miller and a swarming D. ¬†Bengals…nope, sorry. ¬†Some people are liking the Bills…but seriously Tyrod Taylor? ¬†Andrew Luck is healthy and back, but they still have yet to figure out how to put a legit defense on the field in Indy…year after year.

AFC Championship: Patriots and Steelers.  Yep, no other choice really.

AFC Sleepers: Raiders and Jaguars.  They are likely both 1-2 years away, but we like these young teams and they will play every week tough.


We aren’t buying the Panthers hype either, unfortunately. ¬†We believe in Cam (beast) and love some Luke Kuechly, but just not confident they can make another run. ¬†Russell and the Seahawks had a ‘down’ year last season but will be back in a big way, and that 8th Man is a huge factor. ¬†The Pack is back as well…Rodgers is one of the best and with a healthy receiving corp, watch out. ¬†The NFC East continues to be ordinary…although we do really like Dak Prescott. ¬†The Tony Romo days are over folks, let Dak have at it…Dak to Dez could be lethal. ¬†The Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer need to win now, and yes, one of our favorite players is indeed the “Honey Badger”- Ty Matheiu…he is a baller.

NFC Championship: Packers over Seahawks.  Russell and Aaron.  Two of the best.

NFC Sleepers: Vikings and Cowboys. ¬†Vikes lose Teddy but Sam Bradford can manage the offense and they have one of the best young defenses in the league, don’t count them and Zimmer (best coach in NFL) out. ¬†Cowboys are going places, without Tony.

And now, drumroll please…

Super Bowl 51 (pardon our roman numeral deficiency).

Another Super Bowl hosted by Texas, this time in Houston. ¬†The Packers won in Dallas at “Jerry’s World” in Super Bowl XLV (my Roman numerals are back), and yes, yours truly was in attendance…thanks to Hip Daddy Jimbo! But this time, Big Ben goes Big in Texas…Steelers over Packers. ¬†A classic game no doubt.

The season goes fast. ¬†Like real fast. ¬†So enjoy EACH AND EVERY GAME. ¬†Because before you know it, February is here and depression sets in (kidding…kind of :))

Nothing better than some NFL action…so grab the kids, chips and dip, maybe a very big screen TV, and start cheering. ¬†Hip Hip Daddy Hooray!