Hip Daddy

06 23

State Bags: More Than A Backpack

Summer is here, which means camps, travel, beach, weekend trips and all else is about to go down.  So your kids need to keep their ‘stuff’ in order (saying this in a very positive Hip Daddy kinda way.)  And that school backpack has seen enough days, while the duffel is just plain dirty, so yes, even though it isn’t Back to School, your child needs a new bag for the Summer.

State.  We love this brand.  In fact, every Hip Daddy needs a ‘grown-up’ backpack from them…we just got this and it is perfect for the office, offsite meeting or simply looking good on the back and shoulder without a college vibe (because after all, we aren;t in college any more…not even close.)  This brand is not only Hip Daddy Approved due to their overall style and line of bags, but more importantly, because of their mission #GiveBackPack.  State was created to address the immediate needs of American children living with challenging – and in some cases critical – circumstances.  For every State bag purchased, State hand-delivers a backpack – packed with essential tools for success – to an American child in need.  Awesome, well done State.  And the “Bag Drop” idea is really smart too, every Hip Daddy likes a nice marketing plan 🙂  

So yes, you should buy one of these bags, feel good for Summer.  This kids Kane bag is perfect for that little lady in your life, while this Lawrence with patch adding ability is super cool and cute for any camp trip!

Give.  Back.  Pack.  Go.  Summer.