Hip Daddy

06 30

Luggage. You Have It…

…Not that kind of luggage, well maybe, but we are talking about Hip Daddy Travel and your traveling luggage.  And what we don’t like is when someone mistakenly picks up our bag at the baggage claim and takes it (worst case) or hopefully realizes it quite quickly after checking the tag and puts it back on the belt (better case.)  But still, it’s a worry sometimes (especially traveling with family and have numerous pieces of luggage) and needs to be addressed.  So what is the simple solution? Not just a bag tag, but a Hip Daddy Approved bag tag that lets everyone know…”don’t mess with this bag, it’s not yours” while still being stylish and sophisticated.

Enter Owen & Fred.  “Men’s Goods, Made Great”…love this slogan.  Owen & Fred is a New York-based men’s design brand founded in 2012 that makes luggage tags to a full line of goods designed and made in the United States.  It’s got something for every Hip Daddy, likely.  Speaking of travel, these Custom Black Luggage Tags are stealth and sophisticated.  Seen from far away (and only revealing your name when the light catches it), the premium leather tag has a stealth factor to it which we like, and not to mention the stainless steel cable to securely attach to your bag.  And who doesn’t like a little customization…Hip Daddy does.

Business travel.  Summer travel.  Weekend travel.  Take care of your belongings.  Beautify your  luggage.  Owen & Fred has you covered.