Hip Daddy

04 13

Baseball Season Is Here…Be Prepared.

Finally, finally…America’s pastime is back.  From Opening Days in the MLB to TBall and Little League practices commencing, baseball is here, and that deserves a Hip Daddy Hooray.  Yes, we are defending Champions in our League, and yes, this Hip Daddy Coach doesn’t lose much, but at the end of the day, it’s about being outside and having fun.  In fact, we find a simple game of catch between a Hip Daddy and son/daughter to be quite an amazing, simple, beautiful thing- it’s therapy in a way.  But first things first, your little ball player needs to be prepared…

A bag.  A baseball bag.  A key ingredient to any successful baseball season.  Kids need to learn to carry their own ‘stuff’, as well as be responsible for their gloves, hats, bats, balls, etc.  It is part of playing a sport.  There are many legit bags on the marketplace, just stop by your local Dicks or Sports Authority and you will be greeted with many options from Easton to Under Armour to adidas to many more.  But you know us here at Hip Daddy HQ, we always like a Swoosh in our life, and they have a pretty sweet bag in their Vapor Select Graphic Baseball bat backpack.  So not only can they carry all their gear, but maybe a little homework too.  Nice.

The season starts now.  Be prepared.  Get the right gear.  Enjoy the game.  And yes, this Hip Daddy Coach is looking to go undefeated…#justsayin.  Play ball!