Hip Daddy

01 20

Today’s Start-Up ‘Watch’: Eleven James

Every Hip Daddy likes a nice watch on their wrist.  Yes, the Milgauss is our personal favorite but Tudor, Shinola and G-Schock have it going on too!  Watches, for some, are a key ingredient to their lifestyle and are something they just can’t live without.  And given the price points on some of these beauties, attaining them is cost prohibitive.  Or so you thought…

Enter the NYC start-up Eleven James, founded by Hip Daddy Randy Branoff.  Eleven James is bringing the concierge subscription model (ie. NetJets/Marquis) to the luxury watch category.  In a nutshell, Eleven James gives you (Hip Daddy) the opportunity to wear a cool new watch every few months for a monthly fee.  So it’s not just about ‘renting’ a watch, it is about access and experiences as well.  Even better, Eleven James has a legit selection of brands (including all sorts of Rolex) so every Hip Daddy can find their own personal wrist candy.  And we like the sound of that.

So for those of you who are just getting into the watch game and don’t want to break the bank, or simply love variety on the wrist, and are okay with not ‘owning’, Eleven James is a perfect match.  Check out this NYC start-up right about now…