Hip Daddy

12 02

The Best Made Company Axe- A Hip Daddy Must-Have.

Every Hip Daddy needs an axe…and not necessarily to chop wood, but more for a cool piece of artwork for the Hip Daddy Household.  But both functions will work for us.  And we love what Best Made Company from Manhattan is doing.  Best Made is “dedicated to equipping customers with quality tools and dependable information that they can use and pass down for generations. They seek to empower people to get outside, use their hands and in doing so embark on a life of fulfilling projects and lasting experiences.” We like this vision and mission.

The company was founded in 2009 by Peter Buchanan-Smith who saw a need for a better axe- the oldest and most invaluable tool known to mankind.  The idea of reconnecting with your hands, craft, and nature is most definitely Hip Daddy Approved.

A Best Made axe is not only a tool for survival and productivity, but is also a thing of beauty.  In Spring 2010 Best Made limited edition axes were featured prominently in an exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery in London, and the rest is history.  They’ve gone onto cool collaborations with the likes of America’s oldest and most esteemed axe makers, launching The Best Made American Felling Axe…another thing of beauty that will indeed make quite the Christmas Day splash!  Even better, they started new lines of business and got into clothing, books, bags, and home supplies to name a few…all with the same craftsmanship and devotion that began with their Axe.

So it’s time to go ‘Little House on the Prairie‘ style and get a good ole’ axe.  Take it into the wilderness or frame it in your living room, use your hands and get Best Made.  And yes, it is a perfect, and different, Hip Daddy Must X-mas gift.