Hip Daddy

01 14

Pressed Juicery. Hip Daddy Health Approved.

By now you know we here at Hip Daddy love a fresh juice.  Maintaining your Health is key for all Hip Daddys and a good green juice keeps you going…and going.  We’ve covered a few before, but Pressed Juicery straight outta Cali is now one of our top favorites.

For us, it’s all about the taste. Various places try to nail the right formula but often miss. That said, different strokes for different folks.  We like a good mix of the greens and the fruit as drinking straight up Kale and celery is not a pleasurable experience.  Often times, people might force themselves to drink a specific juice because of the benefits it will have, but we believe forcing is not enjoyable and would rather find a juice that is both delicious and beneficial.   And Pressed delivers…the Citrus 2 is #simplyheaven.   From lemon to mint to pineapple to apple, this concoction goes down quick and leaves you fresh and fulfilled (in more ways than one.) We also love their packaging and ‘store’ design.  Albeit the Montecito outpost is less of a store and more of a very cute cubby with a door counter complete with a fridge, some juice, a register and a pretty UCSB student serving up juice.  All you do is walk right up, order what you need and voila, the day is getting brighter.  Although they are CA based, they do have some awesome subscription plans which means they ship….which means you get in on the goodness where’ve you might be.  Hip Daddy loves access.

2015 is here.  Resolutions are hopefully in.  Here’s one to add if not already one the list….”Get Hip Daddy Healthy…drink some juice.”   Try Pressed.