Hip Daddy

04 11

Persol Sunglasses: You Need a Pair.

Spring is here, Summer is coming.  Every Hip Daddy needs a new pair of sunglasses.  And yes, although we are a Ray-Ban loyalists, we always got your back, and therefore bringing all sorts of options to the table.  And the Italians know how to make eyewear, plain and simple.  So let’s talk about an amazing brand that was started almost 100 years ago yet still maintains it’s style and swagger…

Persol was founded in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti, originally catered to pilots and sports drivers, but has since taken on a much larger cultural and lifestyle role.  And btw, did you know the name is derived from “per il sole,” which, in Italian, means “for the sun”? We love a company with a powerful meaning behind their name, Hip Daddy Approved.  Their new 649 Series is pretty awesome and something every Hip Daddy needs to check out.  Sure, they have Clint Eastwood’s son (Scott) rockin’ them which is kind of cool, but this brand of glasses has been sort of ‘hip’ regardless of who is wearing them.   An evolution in shapes and materials of its predecessor, the new 649 series is a reinterpretation of the original iconic frame (created in 1957) and evolves the ageless Italian design with a new spirit and a modern touch.  They look damn good.

Italian sunglasses…need at least one pair, maybe two.  Maybe three.  Persol is almost 100, buy a pair.