Hip Daddy

03 30

It’s True, Every Hip Daddy Needs a Good Pen.

Okay, we’ve all been there.  You find yourself sitting in a meeting and across the table is a fellow Hip Daddy who has a really cool pen.  Like something you want.  It’s the simple things that you might find yourself noticing.  From a watch to a pair of shoes to a button down, a legit pen is another Hip Daddy must have.

And without getting too grandiose with this post (after all, we are talking about pens), let’s discuss one brand that has been making amazing pens since 1888…Parker Pens.  George Safford Parker started the Parker Pen Company long ago, but people are still writing, and the company is still always innovating…in fact, as they claim, “revolutionizing writing since 1888.”  That, my friends, is a pretty profound statement.  Parker has many different products to choose from, but we are especially liking their Urban line.  The Urban’s “dynamic curved design offers a bold modern look that dares to be noticed.  With a stainless steel nib, designed for both left and right hand writers, and Rollerball FreeInk Technology for an effortlessly smooth and confident writing experience, your inspiration is never cut short with Urban.”  Okay, from daring to be noticed and its’ inspiring ethos, this pen is for every Hip Daddy looking for a little creativity and style.

It’s Monday.  The weekly “To Do” lists are here.  Grab a Parker and let the week begin.  And yes, now you will be the one they admire on the other side of the table…