Hip Daddy

05 22

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. All You Need Is Surfside Supply.

The weekend is here.  Hip Hip Daddy Hooray! And even better, Memorial Day weekend…complete with a Holiday, American flags and yummy barbeques and of course some pre-summer fun for the kids.  The end of May is kind of nice.  And yes, the most important part of your Hip Daddy weekend very well could be your dresscode.  You need the exact right Hip Daddy style to make it through and we have just what you need…

Surfside Supply Company is straight up one of our favorite brands that every Hip Daddy needs to know about right now…it’s that good.  In fact, the Hip Daddy HQ typically has at least one piece of Surfside in rotation on a weekly basis.  And the Summer ’15 line is the best we’ve seen to date! Every piece has a unique design that screams style, comfort, and Weekend wonders.  The Wave Print Board Short will dominate any pool or beach, while the drawstring linen beach pants are in need of a fire pit and a Corona Light (#justsayin).  Hip Daddy Chris Manley knows menswear, and he knows  Summer, and he knows this Surf inspired lifestyle we all want!

So let’s get this Memorial Day Weekend started right…Surfside Supply…yup, you should have some. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the kids, and be safe.