Hip Daddy

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Grain Surfboards are Hip Daddy Approved.

Water.  The Ocean.  Waves.  Breaks.  Surf.  These are all things every Hp Daddy can get behind.  And a pretty cool company straight outta Maine (that’s right) is all about the pure beauty of surfing and board making…introducing Grain Surfboards, locally grown hand built surfboards.  And yes, we love  the name itself and this “locally gown” sort of ethos, community building for sure!

In a nutshell, these guys love surfing and have a passion for working wood…hence a company was born.  Grain Surfboards are “hand-built using time honored woodworking techniques and local, sustainable softwoods that naturally produce artful grain patterns on every board.”  It’s all about the crafting of  beautiful and functional surfboards designed to last forever.  Grain is helping lead a small community of like-minded surfers toward a different choice, striving to be the first to design tools and techniques that no other surfboard company has developed….”our state-of-the-art CAD technology precision-cut parts, and dedication to handcrafting the surfboard of your dreams, are coupled with our reverence for a past when surfers knew the delight of fresh shavings rolling like small, cedar-scented breakers from the blade of a sharpened spokeshave. We’ve embraced the future, to help surfers re-connect with their roots.”  Umm…nicely said.  We are really liking these people from Maine.

But the even cooler thing Grain does is it’s workshops.  From 4 day to 7 day to Special Workshops, the idea of staying on
“the Farm” and making your own surfboard from scratch is really neat, and something every Hip Daddy should consider trying out.  We are all about the DIY mindset and Grain has you covered.

So for all you California dreaming surfers and for those who simply want to work some wood, Grain Surfboards is a fine Maine company making waves…and waves are a good thing.  We love the Ocean #plainandsimple.