Hip Daddy

05 23

Hip Daddy Presents: Memorial Day Tips & To Do.

Here is our #1 insight for this lovely weekend…don’t travel.  Or better yet, don’t drive anywhere.  And especially with a car full of kids? Forget about it.  Plain and simple.  According to estimates by the American Automobile Association, 36.1 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more over Memorial Day weekend this year. What’s more, roughly eight in 10 travelers will be traveling by car.  Now you see our point…

Alas, you likely will choose to disregard such vital information and get going somewhere and because of this, we have some Hip Daddy Memorial Day Weekend travel tips and thoughts…sponsored by…Hip Daddy.

Tip #1.  Don’t drive anywhere.  See above.

Tip #2.  Know what Memorial Day actually stands for.  It’s hip to be an informative person, especially around national holidays (and state capitals too…#justsayin.)  According to our friends at Wiki, Memorial Day “is a US federal holiday wherein the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces are remembered.”  It is a day of remembrance.  That’s important.  Tell the kids about it.

Tip #3.  If you are driving somewhere with the kids, you need a gigantic Suburban.  Space.  Traffic means stress (for some.)  Traffic with a car full of kids can mean lots of stress (for some.)  Therefore the more space we have, the less stress.  Simple equations folks.   And yes, it needs a rear entertainment system complete with screens and other devices.  You need the captains chairs too, in case all hell breaks loose and you need to jump back there quickly to diffuse a situation.   They have a great safety rating (all Hip Daddys love a safe vehicle) and are sharp looking…hence why every Uber SUV driver now has one.   Yes, you might need to take out a small loan to accommodate for the gas costs, but again, space is key on this weekend on the roads.

Tip #4.  It’s not that warm yet…pack a hoodie.   And yes, get a popover shirt here…the perfect weekend warm weathered item every Hip Daddy needs.  And protect the eyes, these new Ray-Bans are kind of Hip Daddy awesome.

Tip #5.  Eat clean and healthy, prepare for a good looking Summer.  What is this? Not happening.  Get out the Hebrew Nationals, the Heinz, burger patties, American cheese, relish, Mustard Girl  mustard, maybe some Lays, classic potato salad, some Kool-Aid, chocolate chip cookies, whatever it takes…throw a good old fashioned bbq soiree and worry about the diet later.

Tip #6.  Bring a good book…try anything by James Patterson…page turner guaranteed.

Tip #7.  Hydrate. Enjoy a Margarita. Or a nice glass of ice-cold water.

Tip #8.  A carwash and lemonade, try them out.   It got you there in one piece, so give it some love….hand wash your car.  Hose, bucket, sponge and some Armor All car wash soap…let the fun begin.  Teach your kids how to wash and dry a car, taking care of things you own (such as a car) is a hip thing to do.   And what ever happened to the lemonade stand? We see less and less these days.  Some paper cups, Old Time mix, a giant plastic pitcher, a table, a couple chairs and a big sign “Lemonade $.50″…and you are up and started- Hip Daddy likes entrepreneurialism!

Tip #9.  Download the newly available Lego Movie…right about now.  Perfect for the holiday weekend movie night.

Tip #10.   Relax. Enjoy the kids, let them be kids, smell the salt air, put down the phone…just chill out for a minute.

The weekend is here.  Hip Daddy always has you covered.  Enjoy.  And btw, did I mention don;t drive anywhere?