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Surfside Supply Company. Every Hip Daddy Needs To Know It.

Okay, what Hip Daddy doesn’t like the beach?  And yes, perhaps the beach is now not on your radar given Fall has arrived, but we know as the cold arrives, dreams of the sand and ocean will be dancing in your Hip Daddy head.  So let’s talk about a fairly new beach-inspired brand that you need to know about…

Surfside Supply Company is an apparel company, straight outta’ NYC, that has a pretty cool story and inspiration…”Surfside is a brand for men who love the beach and embrace that lifestyle.  Our inspiration comes from lazy summer days lounging at the beach and breezy summer nights with close friends and family.  It is for men who have outgrown their favorites from their past and who seek out new must-have items that fit their current station in life.”  Okay, so there you have it.  Let’s break this down:

Beach Inspired.  Check.  We love it.

Hanging with Friends and Family.  Check.  We love our kids and friends.

New Must-Haves.  Check.  Hip Daddy is all about discovery and finding the new must-haves.

On to the product itself…from tees to hoodies to shirts to jackets to comfy pants, Surfside might be beach inspired, but indeed has something for all seasons.  We especially like their thermal henley, the plush beach sweat, and how about the quilted nylon down vest.   Really interesting assortment designed for comfort and ease.  We like this.  Oh, and the logo is awesome…as well as the name itself.  Put the words ‘Supply’ in something good and you got this Hip Daddy sold.   Even better, we hear the founder, Chris Manley, is a Hip Daddy himself…so this makes it easy for us to support!

So check them out.  Any beach-inspired Brand for Men is most certainly Hip Daddy Approved.