Hip Daddy

06 06

Dining Out With Dad Volume 1: Tasty Burger

Every Hip Daddy likes a night out on the town with the kids.  And Tasty Burger is here for you!  Born behind Fenway Park in Boston, Tasty Burger instantly became one of Boston’s favorite neighborhood Burger joints, representing the fruition of a goal to create a Modern Fast Food Burger restaurant with the old school sensibilities of the great early places that created the genre.  Simple…and delicious.  We like this.

Think of this restaurant concept as ‘In N Out Burger Meets Shake Shack.’  But you don’t have to fly west or head to Manhattan…although Chestnut Hill does have a Shack, it can’t compare to NYC outposts and has a poor design that is not kid friendly. The Tasty Burger Fenway location is a Hip Daddy favorite for a variety of reasons…

1.) Ample seating and spacious indoor setting with jukebox and pool table.

2.) Outdoor seating, perfect for a warm Fall day or all summer long dining.

3.) Kid friendly menu with fun options and generous portions.

4.) A delicious burger, the name says it all in this case.

5.) Generally fast service.

6.) Parking available.

7.) Sounds and sights of Fenway nearby.

This gem won’t let you or the kids down. It’s that simple and does not warrant much more copy (frankly.)  So take the kids on a date with Daddy…it’s Tasty Burger time!