Hip Daddy

03 06

Fatboy: Not Your Average Beanbag, Hip Daddy Approved.

www.fatboyusa.com.  The name is a bit weird, but we are loving these highly designed and good looking beanbags.  And these aren’t your typical beanbags many of you Hip Daddys had in college, these actually repel beer and are amazingly comfortable.  With its generous size and energizing comfort, Fatboy is always there to maximize whatever pleasure you choose- from chilling watching Happy Feet to just hanging with a bowl of cheesy Goldfish.  All kids will be happy on these bags of beans.   And for you urban dwellers or those that are simply strapped for space, Fatboy bags are minimal in size yet maximal in cushioning and overall ‘feel goodness.’   And to even add more to their cool factor, the brand does many awesome collaborations such as the (PRODUCT) RED bag.

Fatboy is a good thing.  Go get one.