Hip Daddy

08 04

Anthropologie Zinc Letters: Hip Daddy Household Approved.

Having a ‘cool’ bedroom is always a good thing.  And what Hip Daddy child doesn’t want their name represented in some way, shape or form?  Well, speaking of shapes, the always interesting retail boutique anthropologie has just what you need.

These oversized zinc letters from anthropologie add a unique industrial like statement to any kid’s bedroom, and allow for all sorts of creativity.  Spell out a name or just do initials, these letters are both playful but very artistic leaving any bedroom looking modern and inspiring.  Simply put, every Hip Daddy Household needs some Zinc letters.

And given today is August 4th…which means 6 years ago, an amazing little man was brought into this world…let’s hear it for the letter “H.”

Happy Birthday to the world’s best H.