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10 02

Today’s Hip Daddy Approved Product: Munsterkids. Little Rebels Welcome.

So you got a little wild one do you? Welcome to the Club.  Life wouldn’t be interesting if one of your children didn’t have a little rebellion or mischief in them…it’s good for the soul (in small doses of course.)  And the best part is you know…you know when they are very little babies if they are going to be causing ‘problems’ years down the road.  Every Hip Daddy (and Hip Mommy) just knows.  Like Bo Knew.  And with this personality comes finding the right wardrobe that ‘fits.’  Look no further than Australia…

Munsterkids is straight outta’ Sydney, and is a collection of kids apparel that is driven by music, art and street culture.  It was created by Rich and Samantha Brown in 2005 and now exports to over 20 countries around the world.  The label takes inspiration from the urban legend of Mikey Munster, “the sharp toothed trouble maker that resides in every kid.”  Having 3 boys of their own that sometimes fit the Mikey mystique, the Founders are constantly provided inspiration for the line.  The collection includes denim to outerwear to board shorts to fleece, all with a strong focus on graphics.  Sometimes the graphics can be overboard but we here at Hip Daddy like the more subdued ones that aren’t trying too hard.  And let’s not forget the Hip Daddy daughters! In 2009, the line expanded into girls with the launch of Missie Munster ,which blends some “street style silhouettes with beautiful illustrations providing a nice alternative for the more street savvy little girl.”  We especially love this for him, and this for her….a Camo print hoodie and a Tame Tiger print hoodie….#nuffsaid.

Munsterkids has a very focused vision and product line.  We like the street-inspired look and feel, and we like the positive, sunshined Aussie vibe we get from this brand.  Check it out.  Your wild one will appreciate you even more.