Hip Daddy

03 07

Today’s Must Have: A Steven Alan Shirt.

Carefully crafted and curated, Steven Alan is an amazing brand.  From mens to womens to kids to home offerings, put this one on your ‘to see’ list.   The men’s classic shirt is “vintage inspired but with modern execution”  (love that description by the way) which means it is simply cool…like James Dean cool.   So put aside the Brooks Brothers (do they still exist?) and Thomas Pink (fading) offerings in the closet and make room for this one.   For the complete retail experience, visit their Boston store on Newbury St. where you will be greeted by a warm staff and all sorts of awesome product…a Hip Daddy guarantee you will not leave without a purchase.  And lastly, buy the shirt but also peruse the kid’s stuff which features not only their cute creations but also some emerging designers you might not know yet…discovery is a good thing.  Steven Alan.  Enjoy.