Hip Daddy

06 22

Here’s To The First Day of Summer…

The first day of Summer is officially here, and that deserves a Hip Daddy Hooray!

The things we love about Summer…beach, beer, bocce, friends, swimming, hot weather, kids playing, some tunes, summer nights…all in all, the scene is always right.  And yes, you need a cooler for this scene, done and more done.  We not only like the story behind Yeti, but the design is what reels us in.  They look good on the beach, on the back porch, in the yard, on the flatbed, in the back of the Wrangler…you name it and they ‘work’.   We especially like the Hopper series which is perfect for on-the-go action, but you know the original Tundra is really what you came for.  The hot weather is coming.  Keep yourself and the kids hydrated with beverages…cold beverages.  Get a Yeti cooler right about now.  #HelloSummer.