Hip Daddy

04 14

Comb Your Hair with Byrd X Future Fins.

Hair is important.  And for those Hip Daddys that still have it, kudos, the kids haven’t ‘won’ yet.  Yes, raising kids can cause many hair-pulling-out episodes to take place, but if you still have a good ‘do’ going, then we have just what you need…

A pocket comb.  So simple.  Old school.  But oh so useful.  And who better to invent a stylish comb than a surfer.  Right? We agree.  Byrd Hairdo Products, straight outta SoCal, is quite the hip company…it just is.  Style? They got it. Story? Check the box.  Byrd was started by professional surfer, Chase “Big Bird” Wilson in 2012, as a means to “look slick” (wow, love the honesty here btw!)  Big Bird Wilson was inspired by the legend of his Great Grandfather’s hair tonic and barbershop in lovely Fargo, North Dakota.  Wait a second…from Fargo to Newport Beach? Awesome.  Byrd Hairdo products are “designed for the gentlemen surfer” but for every Hip Daddy who believes in grooming.

Their Byrd X Future Fins collaboration is made in California, utilizing a versatile composite from Future’s legendary surfboard fins…the material is durable, flexible, and comfortable for all Hip Daddy hair.   So yes, it’s like combing your hair with a surfboard.  Intriguing.  Even better, it is $10…#nobrainer.

And finally, it is yellow…which means this comb will look quite stylish in any pocket you choose to keep it in.  So comb that hair (if you still have it) and keep that Hip Daddy style going.  A comb inspired by Big Bird and the Sea…enough said.