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11 24

Good Candles: Thanksgiving Approved.

It’s Thanksgiving week here at Hip Daddy, which means we got you covered for this amazing start to the Holiday season.  And yes, every Hip Daddy loves some great Turkey, stuffing, and some sour cream mashed potatoes (epic mom’s recipe).  But let’s talk about some things outside of the obvious…

There is something about the Holiday season that calls for the ‘right’ smell in all Hip Daddy Households.   You know what we are talking about…that special ‘wiff’ your kids get when they arrive home from school that makes them feel extra warm and joyful…the type of smell you want to stop and simply breathe in and smile.  We like that.  And candles can help, and are notorious festive complements to any HD Household.

Good Candle, straight outta Brooklyn (yes, lots of cool things are coming out of this borough lately), has just the candle for you.   Good Candles are made from American grown soy wax with high quality fragrance and essential oils.  Even better, they are hand poured which means quality reigns at this Brooklyn company.  According to them, “We believe candles should be simple and hand made. We carefully pour each candle, inspect them, and stamp each tag”…attention to detail is a Hip Daddy staple.  And for the Holiday season, we especially love their Spruce fragrance.  The smell of pine radiates any home and brings out those warm smiles we long for in all Hip Daddy children!

So go buy some Good.  Be festive.  A great candle is a Thanksgiving Must.