Hip Daddy

08 10

Everything But the House…

Summer is a time for garage sales, tag sales and estate sales, a time to clean out the house and simplify, a time to let go, or maybe even a time for some deals and newness in your life.  We’ve actually found some amazing finds at numerous sales, especially for the kids…because what do you do when the kids outgrow stuff, you give it a way or sell it at a discount.  So let’s specifically talk about estate sales, but in the online kind of way, in a tech sort of way.

Everything But The House is not the name of a rock band, it is not the name of an ironic bar…rather, it is the name of a pretty sweet site you need to know about.   It’s selling an estate online, and only online.  The thrill of the hunt brought to the world wide web, exciting stuff.  EBTH sells furniture, jewelry, art, coins, cars, collectibles and more, in 27 cities and counting….with the common belief there’s a one-of-a-kind piece waiting inside of every house.

Save yourself some time this summer, give it a look, you might just find a Hip Daddy diamond in a rough.   The physical world meets the digital world…estate sales gone tech! Hip Daddy Approved.