Hip Daddy

10 06

Big Ass Fans: Great Name, Great Product.

From the playroom to the bedroom, every Hip Daddy Household needs an overhead ceiling fan…air circulation is a good thing.  And we are liking this company out of Lexington, Kentucky that is making some “big ass fans.”  And you thought only horses and college basketball came out of Kentucky? Guess again.  Some innovation is happening…

Founded in 1999, Big Ass Solutions manufactures fans and lights.  More specifically, their massive ceiling fans first hit the market with the unremarkable brand name “HVLS Fan Company.”  After years of customers referring to them as big-ass fans, the company adopted the name.  Smart people.  And you know we here at Hip Daddy love a quirky company name! Big Ass Fans range in size from 5 to 24 feet, and use energy-efficient motors and patented airfoil designs (which are inspired by airplane wings) to move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently.  They make fans For Business, For Architects/Engineers and of course For Home.  We especially like the new Haiku with SenseME that works with the Nest Learning Thermostat to “help you save up to 30% on air conditioning costs”…woo hoo (and we like Nest as well for all Hip Daddy Households.)

Sure, they aren’t cheap, but the design, innovation and awesome name is worth checking them out.  Well done Kentucky, well done.  A Big Ass ‘Thank You’ is required for bringing this beauty to market.