Hip Daddy

03 01

No. 7 : Hip Daddy Grooming Is a Good Thing

We here at Hip Daddy believe that taking care of oneself is a rather smart thing to do.  And when it comes to our skin, it’s important to be well-equipped, and there are beaucoup of options out there.  Yes, we fell in love with Kiehls early and they won us over with all the free samples they would throw in your bags..but those samples got less and less over the years and the brand became somewhat ‘mass’…however, we still do love it, especially that store on 64th & Lex in NYC!

But Hip Daddy likes to discover new things #always.  And we found No. 7 a couple years ago, made by The Boots company, which delivers all sorts of men’s grooming products that you need to explore yourself.   One of our favorites is the Protect & Perfect Intense Moisturiser and Serum – might sound like a police force motto, but nonetheless, it works…well.   It’s one of those anti-aging creams that all Hip Daddys need at some point…

Grooming is good, try No. 7, and look forward to beautiful and younger looking skin!