Hip Daddy

04 13

Every Hip Daddy Household Needs Wally…

…And we aren’t talking about that Wally (no Red Sox mascots in the home please!)  We are talking about a different kind of Wally, one that protects the health of your Hip Daddy Household…

Wally is a Smart Home Sensing and Moisture Detection system that is one of those tech gadgets  you should know about.  Yes, you know Nest, now comes Wally.  Easy simply names, love that. It’s all about water…and we know water can cause major issues in your home.  Have no fear, Wally detects and alerts you of water leaks as well as important changes in humidity and temperature.  You simply place wireless sensors around your home, connect them to the network using the Wally app, and voila, your home is protected #easyaspie.  Even better, with Wally, you are always connected to your home and should there be a problem, you will know about it…wherever you might be.  This type of convenience and simplicity is most def Hip Daddy Approved!

Every Hip Daddy hates a leak.  There are only so many buckets to go around.  With Wally, the monitoring and detection will help set you free- from the buckets and all sorts of stress.  Wally…it’s a great product name, and something every home needs.